Step Through Hunting Bikes

The Step Through design offers smoother mounting and dismounting for riders with shorter legs or those that prefer an easier transition getting on and off their ebike. The step through (ST) is available in two models of Bakcou Ebikes, the Mule and the Flatlander. Both models are powered by the industry leading Bafang motor. The Step Through adheres to the same design and performance demands of the original Bakcou Fat Tire Bike.

If you are looking for a comfortable ride without compromising on rugged performance the Bakcou Step Through design is a great choice. The lower top tube design is the difference between the original Mule ebike design and the ST design. All of the features and performance you have come to expect from Bakcou remain.

Mule Step Through (ST)

The Bakcou Mule Step Through is available in either the 750W or 1000W Bafang Ultra Mid Drive Motor. You can also choose your preferred wheel size of either 24 or 26-inch wheels. The Mule ST is available in four colors Matte Black, Kuiu Verde 2.0 Camo, Desert Tan and White. The standard battery is the 14.5ah but you can extend your range by choosing the optional 17.4ah or the 21ah battery.

Bakcou Mule ST

Flatlander Step Through (ST)

The Bakcou Flatlander is designed for hunting large flatland areas. Great for hunting the fields of the Midwest. Again, the Step Through design is perfect for hunters looking for a comfortable ride and an easy mount and dismount. The lower top tube is the difference between the Flatlander and the Flatlander ST. Unlike the Mule the Flatlander features a 750W Bafang Rear Hub Drive electric motor. You still get the same field tested design and high end components you expect from the leading Fat Tire Hunting Bike brand Bakcou.

Available in three colors including Desert Tan, Matte Black and the popular Kuiu Verde 2.0 Camo. You can select from three battery choices as well, 14.5ah standard and the optional 17.4ah or 21ah batteries. Raise your game to the next level with the Bakcou Flatlander ST Fat Tire Hunting Bike.

Bakcou Flatlander Step Through Ebike

We offer quality Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bikes built by the industry leader Bakcou. No matter what type of terrain you hunt we have a bike for you. With the lower top tube design of the Step Through bikes we also have bikes built for easy riding and dismounting. Before you buy just any hunting ebike check out the full line of electric hunting bikes available right here.