Fat Tire Bike Trailers

One of the most popular accessories for your electric hunting bike is a fat tire bike trailer. Mountain bike trailers designed for hunting and to fit on your Bakcou ebike are available. Here at Hunting Mountain Bikes an authorized Bakcou dealer we have three fat tire mountain bike trailers designed for your Bakcou bike. 

Bakcou builds three trailers for hunters that are designed for easy hookup and pulling that fit the Mule, Storm and Flatlander models. Each trailer is engineered to meet the needs of hunters regarding how they hunt and the gear they carry. You may find that one trailer meets your needs or you may need more than one. Choosing the right fat tire trailer for you doesn’t have to be confusing. For more information read the following descriptions and specifications for the three trailers we offer that Bakcou builds.

Single Wheel Hunting Cargo Trailer

This trailer is very versatile for hunters. The single wheel design allows for easy pulling over various terrains. The width of the single wheel cargo trailer is even with the bikes handlebars making this trailer perfect for narrower trails. Wherever your bike can go this trailer can follow.

single wheel cargo trailer

Folding Cargo Trailer

The dual wheel folding cargo trailer is the longest of the two Bakcou cargo trailers. The dual wheels offer plenty of stability being pulled behind your hunting bike. The dual wheel design also affords more cargo carrying capacity than the single wheel trailer. This trailer packs well for long hunting trips being a folding bike trailer.

folding cargo trailer

Folding Deer Trailer

The Bakcou folding deer trailer offers an efficient design for hauling your game out of the backcountry after harvesting. An added feature is a hand cart that allows you to retrieve your game and then attach to your hunting bike. This comes in handy when your game has fallen in a hard to reach area. 

folding deer trailer

Many hunters may find that having two trailers is the best solution for the way they hunt. When you combine either of the cargo trailers with the folding deer trailer you are ready from start to finish for a great hunt. At Hunting Mountain Bikes you will find just the right trailer for your hunting preferences.